I’m still here.

I’m still here.

He’s still here.

We’re still here.

*swallows back lump in throat and exhales*

…. This last week was . . . . A-lot. It’s always hard when someone you care about and love is hurting. It is magnified when it’s your baby. He is doing better. We are out of the P.I.C.U (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit), Isolation, and yes, even the hospital! I appreciate those of you who prayed on his behalf. Thank you.

I am thankful and relieved he is doing so much better. The past few months we have had a go of it health wise in our house, but God is seeing us through it. It really is a wonder, so often when in the midst of a crisis (and in the day to day too), I miss things, but looking back in retrospect, I can see some of the ways that God has had his hand on us. Sometimes it just blows my mind that He cares. It’s utterly amazing.

Oh how I wish I could convey what I’ve experienced and what I’m feeling with words right now. I have written the entirety of this post through a steady stream of tears and a runny nose.  Oh well.