Something about it.

One of the many things that I have come to realize this past week, is that I really, truly, enjoy, almost need a keyboard to aid in writing. There is just something about it that is comforting, almost reassuring. It helps. Hearing the clicking of the keys and feeling the compression’s of them is like the brick and mortar being laid down to create a pathway on which to travel.

Growing up I always could see the appeal in a favorite pen/pencil or type writer. Growing up in the part of the word where I did and in a time when the personal computer was becoming a very common thing, and technology many leaps ahead, the majority of my peers did not understand why some people would still want to continue to use a typewriter. It was an antiquated relic. To me however, I completely got it. It is a very textile and visceral way to write things out. It makes sense to me that it would be cathartic.

Drats! One more thing to save up for, once all these medical bills from this year, are paid for. A laptop, so that I can actually write more than at one time of the day as well as being able to experience the click clacking of the keys.


I’m still here.

I’m still here.

He’s still here.

We’re still here.

*swallows back lump in throat and exhales*

…. This last week was . . . . A-lot. It’s always hard when someone you care about and love is hurting. It is magnified when it’s your baby. He is doing better. We are out of the P.I.C.U (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit), Isolation, and yes, even the hospital! I appreciate those of you who prayed on his behalf. Thank you.

I am thankful and relieved he is doing so much better. The past few months we have had a go of it health wise in our house, but God is seeing us through it. It really is a wonder, so often when in the midst of a crisis (and in the day to day too), I miss things, but looking back in retrospect, I can see some of the ways that God has had his hand on us. Sometimes it just blows my mind that He cares. It’s utterly amazing.

Oh how I wish I could convey what I’ve experienced and what I’m feeling with words right now. I have written the entirety of this post through a steady stream of tears and a runny nose.  Oh well.



Did you notice?

I don’t know if anyone noticed yesterday, but this blog was changing faster than the current U.S. Presidential candidates’ stances on the issue of the day.
I was working and playing with the “branding” of my blog as WordPress puts it. The look of this layout was was drew me to it and essentially was the deciding factor in creating my blog, so a big part of me was quite hesitant to even try create my own look, past the classic black and white silhouette of my picture, because I feel that consistency is very important if not essential.
But as a fellow blogger pointed out a few days ago he got confused thinking they were on on their site when they were on another or visa-versa., then I became confused… till I checked out his blog – and it looked exactly like mine (minus the different posts). So I am trying be more objective, and from the point of view of my friends/followers and those who somehow miraculously will stumble across my blog.

Is it too bland or boring having it only black and white? When I had it black and a sea-foam green color and black I wondered if it was too reminiscent of Tiffany’s; or feminine, or if it was the cameo frame I was using that made me wonder, is it too busy and so on and so forth. Then I discovered how very different a blog can look on a desktop, tablet or phone and that opened up a whole new can of worms. I just had way too many thoughts and questions for my own good or sanity. *Screams on and on inside head* Okay, now that, that is done.
What do You think?


Did I hit it out of the park? Is it just, “Eh,” could be any blog? What were you thinking!?! *Insert here* is all wrong or doesn’t look right….. What?

Oh dear! I’m obsessing aren’t I?

But, since I’m already on the downward spiral, what do you thing of the custom post headers that I have been making (but not for every post)? Are they worth my time? Do they ruin the continuity of my blog or do they add a special something?

Is it wrong of me to ask you questions about my layout design? Am I asking the right questions or too many?

Novel Text

So as I have said previously (see Drowning), I do not like e-mail. The same is true for texts. There are various reasons for this. 1.) I see them as highly impersonal. I find it exceedingly difficult to convey the feeling and inflection in a text, as there can be a million interpretations using the same five words (Yes, I  am aware of emojis, *rolls eyes in exasperation*).  2.) For me personally, it is also easier to call and talk with someone than to try to send them a “quick” message. *Scoffs* I do not think that the majority of texts are quick, as I have to decipher what the thought process and context in which a message was sent.

So now you are up to speed on that I can move forward with what I initially had to say.
I just received a text (in response to a text or verbal conversation) and I was so infuriated that I found myself spewing a responding text and it became the length of a novel – for a text. Oh dear.  I kept thinking as my fingers are burning up my phone that perhaps I should not send it, as incensed as I was but then I also thought, maybe this will FINALLY get through to this person. As they have not actually listened in regards to the matter being discussed this past month and I quite frankly have had enough.
I don’t know. I’m probably just a weird, and horrible person.

I was cleaning.

I did not get a post up yesterday. I DID however; get so much accomplished it is AWESOME. *Cue, Everything is awesome song*

I have been drowning in house work. Every time I start to make any kind of progress, there are four or five steps back. I love my family, but sometimes I struggle with trying to love or accept the messes that they make. So my husband and I decided that we would be cleaning this weekend as I have not been able to get a handle on them by myself. It was great to have help. Then my Sister by marriage calls and asks if her, my Mom by marriage and my Dad could come over to help out. As I am writing this, I can completely see from a reader’s point of view, and didn’t know what I myself have been through the past few months and that having trouble keeping a tidy house might be construed as lazy or incompetent. I really do not think that is it.

Anyway, it was extremely helpful to have five adults being able to allow us to get things done, with one to three adults watching the three kids at any given time. *Deep sigh* Let’s just say I (and those helping me) were able to get more done yesterday than has been done in a couple of months. Some of it was basic, like helping us get *almost* caught up on laundry (as in folded, hung, put away), while some of it was more in-depth like helping me get the laundry basket of miscellaneous items sorted and put away or gone. I feel a bit more like I can breathe. But I am going to cut this post off here as I have more that I would like to accomplish and if my husband keeps watching the kids I can continue to clean and organize things.