I was cleaning.

I did not get a post up yesterday. I DID however; get so much accomplished it is AWESOME. *Cue, Everything is awesome song*

I have been drowning in house work. Every time I start to make any kind of progress, there are four or five steps back. I love my family, but sometimes I struggle with trying to love or accept the messes that they make. So my husband and I decided that we would be cleaning this weekend as I have not been able to get a handle on them by myself. It was great to have help. Then my Sister by marriage calls and asks if her, my Mom by marriage and my Dad could come over to help out. As I am writing this, I can completely see from a reader’s point of view, and didn’t know what I myself have been through the past few months and that having trouble keeping a tidy house might be construed as lazy or incompetent. I really do not think that is it.

Anyway, it was extremely helpful to have five adults being able to allow us to get things done, with one to three adults watching the three kids at any given time. *Deep sigh* Let’s just say I (and those helping me) were able to get more done yesterday than has been done in a couple of months. Some of it was basic, like helping us get *almost* caught up on laundry (as in folded, hung, put away), while some of it was more in-depth like helping me get the laundry basket of miscellaneous items sorted and put away or gone. I feel a bit more like I can breathe. But I am going to cut this post off here as I have more that I would like to accomplish and if my husband keeps watching the kids I can continue to clean and organize things.


3 thoughts on “I was cleaning.

  1. You had me completely and utterly confused for a moment there. I clicked on the link to your site and then I knew for sure, from the picture, that I had somehow clicked the wrong button and landed back on my own site. Then I started reading the posts and I thought ‘whoa – I must have written these a long time ago – I don’t recognise them’. It was only after scanning over two or three that I realised that I was on a completely different site. You have a style (sort of humourous confessional) that is similar to my own. I like you. I’m following you.
    –Post Comment–
    Oh, wait – I am Robert, and I live in York, England. Hiya! 🙂

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