Me: Hello. My name is Anonymous.

Group of undetermined group of people (said with varying degrees of enthusiasm): Hello Anonymous.

Me: I have a problem. *Duh* Obviously, or I wouldn’t be here right now. You see I have a severe tendency to over think or rush head long into something without thinking at all. It feels as though it is always one of the two extremes. For example, I have already been working on this blog post for over two hours. Yes, you read that right, this much and I have been contemplating and writing and deleting and re-writing for hours now and this is what I have to show for it. HA! *Shakes head*

I felt my first blog post was a bit sporadic. I tried to figure out if my first post was snappy, confusing, smart, idiotic, sad, funny or something else entirely. So then I was wondering what way should I take my second blog post? Should it be serious, thought-provoking, funny, nerdy/geek, WHAT?!? Seriously. Then I got to the end of that last sentence and thought, this is ridiculous, let’s just scrap the whole thing and start over. But start over with what, and would I ACTUALLY start over, or would I allow myself to become overwhelmed and just give up.  No. I won’t do it. I am going to stick with it and for better or worse here I am.

Confusing as all get out at times to be sure, but sincere and genuine.

And yes, I am aware that sincere and genuine are two sides of the same coin. Just go with me on this one. Thanks.


P.S. For those of you who may not have heard of the awesome group that is Reliant K, here is their song Over Thinking(acoustic) that has been true for me many times in my life. Enjoy!



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